Thursday, October 7, 2010

Forest Friends Cake and Deer Cookies

This cake was for one of our cousin's little boy's 4th birthday. He is a hunter like his daddy.. and loves all kinds of animals. So I matched the cake to the invitation. And then made some deer cookies as favors.

Mini Tiered Cakes

Also in August, I did mini tiered cakes for my niece. Each child got their own special cake. My nieces was special since hers was pink instead of green.

Baby Rump Cake

Also in August, I did this Baby Rump Cake for a friend who was throwing a baby shower for a friend. It is fondant covered, fondant feet, toes and blanket.

Beauty and the Beast "Bella" Cake & Princess Cookies

Back in August (yes, I know I'm behind in my postings) I did a Bella cake for a sweet 3 year old. We decided to mimic her yellow dress and add the roses, since the rose is very special in Beauty and the Beast. We also did crown cookies as favors.

Cupcake COOKIES!

Here are my cookies... but shaped as cupcakes!!