Saturday, April 10, 2010

Milledgeville - Baldwin's Junior Miss Official Confectionery!

Milledgeville - Baldwin's Junior Miss is a Scholarship Program. Each year the Junior Miss program provides opportunities for our area high school junior girls to compete for college scholarships while improving their own personal development in the areas of leadership, scholastic achievement, physical fitness, talent and self expression. This program also encourages us to give back to our community through various volunteer opportunities.

This year their are 25 participants. The winner of this weekend's program receives a bronze medal and goes to the state level program. Then the winner of the state Junior Miss receives a silver medal. Then she goes to the National level to compete. Each participant receives a bronze medal cookie that I was asked to make.
Last year's Miss Milledgeville Junior Miss won the Miss Georgia Junior Miss!
The theme this year is Junior Miss ROCKS!
I made cookies like this for the judges. And one silver cookie for the current 2010 Junior Miss, since she won the State level and is Miss Georgia Junior Miss!

You can read more about Junior Miss.
And see photos on Shana Cawley's blog.

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A Book Bagg said...

Courtney - These were such a big hit with the girls & the "has-been's" were jealous that they didn't get them last year. I am so excited about you parterning with our program. If you ever get the itch to get back into performance/production, we'd love to have you join our committee too!