Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!

First "faces" cake...
Manager Scene of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus
I forgot to take photos of this cake. This is from my camera phone.
What you can't see is "Happy Birthday Jesus!" around the side..

Having a Party?? Shower? Get together?

Want to have an amazing dessert bar?
Try this:
Order a cake, some brownies, some caramel butterscotch bars, lemon bars and cookies..
And we'll set you up this display..
Or order whatever sweets you like the most!

Chocolate Lover??

Try this Lightly Flavored Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake

With Chocolate Ganache Buttercream Icing..
Can you say Yummy?

Classic Christmas Cake

Red Velvet!

3 layers of moist Red Velvet Cake with a Cream Cheese Icing!

Christmas Cookies!

(I did ice it.. but forgot to get a photo of that one)
Large Christmas Tree
Large and Small Snowman
Christmas Lights
Santa's Hat
Small Christmas Tree
Need a gift? Order a goodie bag full of sweets and treats!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snowflake Cookies

Snowflake Cookie on a cookie stick, wrapped and dressed as a Christmas gift!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Need something to brighten your day?

Try ordering some smiley face cookies!!
My grandmother's tea cake cookie, covered in icing with a Chocolate Ganache face..

Ever had a Lemon Bar Cake?

I haven't until this.. and it was delicious!
Take the Lemon Bar.. and bake it in cake form.
Make two layers.. and stack them.

Iced with 7 Minute Icing - marshmallow type icing.

Topped with sugared lemons.

Oh yeah.. gooey yummy lemoniness!

Decorated for the party..

Lemon Cupcakes anyone?

Made some lemon filled cupcakes with 7 minute icing..

Sugared some lemons...

Iced and topped with the sugared lemon..

Here is an inside shot.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr. Seuss Cookies for Boy's First Birthday

Here are some cookies that are shaped like a cake with a single candle.
These were for a little boy who was turning 1!
His party was a Dr. Seuss party..
So I made the cookies in primary colors.
And the design is off the Cat in the Hat hat..

USA Cookies

A friend asked me to make these for her son's class. They were studying the letter "U"..
so she wanted some U cookies to be there snack.
I made these and some Umbrellas to which I forgot to get photos. = (