Thursday, August 20, 2009

6 Thin layered Vanilla Round Pound Cake
Alternating Lemon Curd & Raspberry Filing
Fluffy 7-minute Icing
Candy Eggs as decoration


notRuairi said...

Honestly, this is pornography that's suitable for everyone! I need the recipe for that pound cake!!

Lindsey said...

I had a slice of this cake, and it was absolutely delicious! The cake as so moist it melted in your mouth! If you like rasperberries and pound cake (which is my favorite) I highly recommend this cake!

Paul said...

While this entire cake was so moist and delicious it was almost sinful, the best part for me was the filling. It was like a little flavor explosion every time you took a bite. And for someone who doesn't really like icing (yeah, I know...weird, right?), I thought this icing was very light and delicious.

kyle hitchcock said...

beautiful, love the candied eggs as decorations... very tasteful!